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The content contained in the below PDFs came from our online guidebook in February 2016. For the most up-to-date information, please visit corresponding sections online.

  • Section 1: The Guidebook, Ecosystem Services in Federal Decision Making
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    Section 1 provides background on the guidebook and it’s partners and collaborators, introduces the concept of ecosystem services, and addresses frequently asked questions.

  • Section 2: Federal Agency Use and Examples
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    Section 2 explores the legal authority to enable or limit agencies’ incorporation of ecosystem services approaches, and provides overviews of how some agencies are incorporating ecosystem services into decision making along with 15 specific examples.

  • Section 3: Ecosystem Service Assessment Methods
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    Section 3 provides an overview, detailed descriptions, and lists of key references for the various assessment methods that can be used to track and quantify ecosystem services, ranging from benefit relevant indicators to monetary valuation.